Building Resilience in Neighborhoods One Step at a Time

Resident Capacity Building

We approach everything with a resident capacity building mindset. We offer training and services to community members to make resilient neighborhoods. This includes leadership development, youth and adult development programs, mindfulness meditation training, civic engagement, and more. We are excited to share our impact with you!

Community Action Teams


Power in Community Forums

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→ Increase awareness of the LiveWell South Fulton Collective's activities, benchmarks, aims, and objectives.

→ Showcase residents lived experiences, voices, and contributions!

→ Invite attendees to weigh in on potential strategies, commit to problem-solving, ownership, and future engagement in LiveWell South Fulton efforts.


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The Live Well South Fulton Collective

Addresses the systemic issues within the South Fulton County regional area by identifying solutions to resolve them.

Behavior & Mental Health (BMH); BMH-CAT

identify mental health stigma around seeking mental health resources

mission: lower these barriers and be a pillar of support in the community

Housing Affordability (HA); HA-CAT

discover and address the drivers of housing insecurity

connect residents with the means to create secure housing

Early Childhood Education (ECE); ECE-CAT

developing focus on addressing early childhood resources in our community

empower parents/caregivers in the targeted zip code 30337 (College Park)

improve student learning

create greater awareness of the importance of early childhood learning

Environmental Justice Education (EJH); EJH-CAT - (Lead Agency TBD)

some Fulton County neighborhoods are facing an urgent crisis with flooding, water and air pollution, and waste disposal

→ boosting leadership, enhancing capacity, and offering comprehensive training and education to residents and stakeholders, empowering our community to take control of the future

→ impactful events and educational activities tailored to improve health and well-being, vital conditions in the thriving natural world

Workforce Economic Development (WED); WED-CAT (TBD Lead Agency)

a significant portion of individuals across the South Fulton County region continue to grapple with the enduring impacts of COVID-19, both in terms of their health and financial stability

the Workforce Economic Development (WED) team, through its turn-the-curve strategies, is spearheading efforts to usher in a transformative shift

LiveWell South Fulton Youth Council (LWSFYC)

the LiveWell South Fulton (LWSFYC) is a team of youth activists recognized for their dedication to youth leadership, service-learning, equity, and community engagement

the Council is youth-led and works with its adult allies to identify, advocate for, and promote systemic change in addressing critical issues impacting their lives

the youth work across the South Fulton County region, demonstrating how young people can collectively contribute to their future and community

Ubuntu Community Catalyst & Brighter Futures South Fulton...

→ engage and bring people together

drive sustainable improvements in the well-being of children, families and individuals in the community

The Community Learning Lab

→ Support community members through training and technical assistance

Youth and adult development programs, mindfulness meditation, and other programs

Every learning lab lesson comes from community input and collaboration

Image of Community Action Labs featuring a young girl.