Resident Engagement

Building resilience in neighborhoods, one step at a time

Resident Capacity Building

Ubuntu Community Catalyst approaches everything with a resident capacity building mindset. This means that we offer training and services to compassionate community members to make resilient neighborhoods. This can take many forms: leadership development, youth and adult development programs, mindfulness meditation training, civic engagement, and so much more.

Resident Engagement

Building resilience in neighborhoods, one step at a timeCommunity Action Teams Description

Community Action Teams are a group of diverse residents and community stakeholders. They are joined together to solve targeted issues within a specific geographic area or population. Trained as community leaders, these teams manage projects addressing neighborhood identified issues. These teams take a comprehensive approach to the issues they are dedicated to, working with data, accountability and compassion.

Resident Engagement

Building resilience in neighborhoods, one step at a timePower in Community

The purpose of the "Power in Community" Forums are to:

  • Increase awareness of the LiveWell South Fulton Collective's activities, benchmarks, aims, and objectives.
  • Showcase residents lived experiences, voices, and contributions in advancing equitable outcomes in their neighborhoods!
  • Invite attendees to weigh in on potential strategies, commit to problem-solving, ownership, and future engagement in LiveWell South Fulton efforts.
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Foster Collaboration

Building resilience in neighborhoods, one step at a timeThe LiveWell South Fulton Collective

The LiveWell South Fulton Collective's goal is to address the systemic issues within the South Fulton County regional area by identifying solutions to resolve them.

Behavior & Mental Health (BMH); BMH-CAT - Odyssey Family Counseling Center (Lead Agency) By engaging with the community we identified the challenges around mental health for the area: stigma about seeking mental health resources and lack of peer support. It is our vision to lower these barriers and be a pillar of support in the community.

Housing Affordability (HA); HA-CAT - Zion Hill Community Development Corporation (Lead Agency) The goal with this issue is to discover and address the drivers of housing insecurity. A combination of the covid pandemic, lack of sufficient employment, affordable housing policy, mental health and trauma worked together to make an insecure housing environment. Through collaboration this community action team is working to connect the residents with the means to create secure housing.

Early Childhood Education is a new focus area under development to address the need for more early childhood resources in our community and empower parents/caregivers in the targeted zip code 30337 (College Park). The overarching goal is to improve student learning. The aim is to create greater awareness of the importance of early childhood learning, and the role community must take to ensure that public education prepares all students with knowledge and skills. Every student deserves access and opportunity to fully develop, thrive, lead, and enjoy their best

The Economic & Workforce Development and Environmental Health issues are a concern and will be developed at a later time.

We are fortunate enough to partner with United Way's initiative Brighter Futures South Fulton. The goal of this collaboration is to engage and bring people together and resources to drive sustainable improvements in the well-being of children, families, and individuals in the community.

Capacity Building

Building resilience in neighborhoods, one step at a time The Community Learning Lab

The community learning lab aim to support community members through training and technical assistance. The topics include youth and adult development programs, mindfulness meditation, and other programs. Every learning lab lesson comes from community input and collaboration.

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