About us

Ubuntu Community Catalyst Building neighborhoods with compassion and collaboration

The Zulu word, "Ubuntu," best represents our organization. Ubuntu (Oooooh-Boon-too) is a Zulu humanitarian philosophy. This philosophy includes trust, respect, love, kindness, sharing, help, support, hospitality, empathy, generosity, gentleness, and toughness. We adopt this philosophy when helping build resilient neighborhoods.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu described it best,

"My humanity is caught up, is inextricably bound up, in what is yours."

Ubuntu Community Catalyst Mission Statement

Our mission is to partner with our neighbors and strengthen the local community. We collaborate and support the best experts in community building: compassionate neighbors such as yourself.

Ubuntu Community Catalyst Vision Statement

We see a future where anyone who wants to help their community and neighbors has a platform to easily do so. We see resources going where they are truly needed. We see resiliency in every neighborhood.

Our Values and Behaviors



  • We put people and community first in all we do

  • Transparency, accountability, honesty and partnership is in the foundation of Ubuntu Community Catalyst and every action we take

  • We invite all to participate and problem solve - including, public and private service providers, residents and other community stakeholders

  • We develop and execute informed plans to guide our actions and growth of the organization

  • We cultivate leaders and focus on policies, systems, structures, programs and strategies

Ubuntu Community Catalyst Meet The Founding Team

David Gibbs - Co-Founder


"As a director, manager, leadership coach, facilitator, and equity guide for strategic initiatives, David has led and guided the development of highly effective coalitions - ensuring meaningful community engagement and impacts. His work with movement leaders spans national networks and agencies, regional collaboratives, and grassroots organizations throughout all US regions."

Jose Bright - Co-Founder


A global educator, a Knight of Honor because of his humanitarian actions. Sir José Bright brings over 30+ years of servant leadership and management experience. Sir Bright’s career spans the private, government, community, and faith-based sectors. His portfolio includes community development and engagement, strategy and future foresight, talent development, nonprofit leadership, and social entrepreneurial expertise.

Mary Wilson - Co-Founder


As a Community Architect, Mary is the tapestry in the community working to lift those unsung voices rarely heard. She is a promoter of the Asset-Based Community Development model. Engaging people, helping them grow, resulting in positive change, and building their leadership skills and connections, propelling them to achieve their vision.

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